Visit of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi

Do not miss out on your visit in Abu Dhabi to go to the grand mosque and the Louvre museum, relax on Abu Dhabi beaches, have fun in Yas Island or at the poolside of a luxury hotel.

After decades of slow development, the city of Abu Dhabi is today well decided to make its place in the top world cities. How? Thanks to its sublime mosque, dozens of international hotels and luxury commercial centers.

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In 2030 Abu Dhabi will be cultural, ecological and leisure-oriented. Already Yas Island hosts the Formula 1 circuit, amusement parks and a giant mall. Museums including The Louvre Abu Dhabi will open soon on Saadiyat Island. At the end of the corniche, the Emirates Palace and the new presidential palace seem to come out of a tale of Arabian Nights. At the edge of the beach, elegant glass towers are reflected in the turquoise waters where expats and tourists bathe. Fortunately The Heritage Village is here to remind visitors that half a century ago Abu Dhabi was just a small fishing port.

Abu Dhabi may designate the city or emirate. The structure of this website is built around a geographical division (not administrative). Thus the Abu Dhabi section refers to the attractions of the city of Abu Dhabi, and the areas of Al Ain and Al Gharbia, administratively attached to the emirate of Abu Dhabi, are the subject of separate sections.

The visit of the grand mosque and the Emirates Palace are not to be missed. Also enjoy your stay with Abu Dhabi beaches, the shopping in the malls and beautiful resorts. That's more than enough to get busy for few several days.

For hotels, there is a rich offer of 5 stars and 4 stars, mostly brand new and at very reasonable prices. Check out our best hotels guide before booking your hotel in Abu Dhabi to get our opinion, take advantage of our recommendations and tips.

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