Top 10 Shopping malls in Abu Dhabi

Updated on 28.04.2018

Abu Dhabi had many shopping centers (malls), with new ones opening every year in different locations in the city - the most known is the Marina Mall, near the corniche - the largest Yas Mall. But they are not the only ones: there are also very luxurious malls, or souks. If you do not know to which one going, this article will help you to make your choice.

Interior view of Al Wahda Mall extension, in downtown Abu Dhabi ©Odyfolio

TOP 1: Yas Mall

The largest mall in Abu Dhabi, and second largest in the country, is Yas Mall, in reference to the island where it is located, Yas Island. In the basement, a giant supermarket. See our article on Yas Island for more information.

TOP 2: Marina Mall

#Link:Marina Mall|Http:// is the most known and visited. Located on a nearly-island at the end of The corniche, it has a large free parking, food options, and hundreds of stores. For clothing this is a good place to go. In the basement, a large Carrefour supermarket, with a corner with tourist souvenirs which is very convenient to buy small gifts. You can also buy dates, and spices in bulk at very competitive prices. In a separate building, there is the furniture store Home Center. Marina mall also has an ice rink, a bowling and cinemas. At the base of the tower, the shopping mall proudly displays a prehistoric skeleton of Mammoth.

View of the Abu Dhabi Marina Mall, from the top of its panoramic tower ©Odyfolio

TOP 3: Al Wahda Mall

Facade of Al Wahda mall in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates ©Odyfolio

In the center of the city, Al Wahda Mall has two large buildings : the original one, ad new one very modern. Al Wahda mall is very well located near the bus station and The hotel Millenium Abu Dhabi. In the basement, a Lulu supermarket. On the highest floor, cinemas and restaurants.

TOP 4: Abu Dhabi Mall

Not very far from Al Whada mall, Abu Dhabi Mall, is smaller and ideal to make quick shopping and then move on to something else. Same principle, supermarket in the basement, and a hotel appended, The Beach Rotana. Abu Dhabi mall is next to The Meridian Hotel. Abu Dhabi Mall is located in the district Tourist Club.

TOP 5 : Traditional malls

In Abu Dhabi, there is another category of malls, that we could call traditional fake chic. For example, the WTC Souk & mall in the city center, (World Trade Center Souk and Mall) which has two parts: on the North part, it is the atmosphere of a luxury souk, with its art boutiques, carpets and perfumes. It is pleasant to walk there and you will not be bothered by the sellers. The South part which is on the other side of the street is similar to other malls of the city, with restaurants and cafés.

You can find similar style (but much more smaller) in the complex of The Shangri-La Hotel: the Souk Qaryat al Beri, with its restaurants and trendy bars is a nice place to go for luxury souvenirs.

TOP 6: Luxury malls

If you are looking for the luxury brands Dior, Channel and Vuitton, go to these malls (even if you can find luxury brands shops in Marina Mall and Yas Mall).

Include in this category Avenue at Etihad Towers, in front of The Emirates Palace.

Also The Galleria, located on Al Maryah Island.

TOP 7,8,9: Mushriff Mall, Khalidiya Mall, Dalma Mall

There is a multitude of other malls and shopping centers, in general more intended for a neighborhood clientele. They almost all have a supermarket in the basement, a food court and a few food options. Include Khalidiya Mall in city center, Mushriff Mall on old Aiport Road, Al Raha Mall on the road of Dubai, the malls in Dalma and Deerfields with their supermarkets crossroads.

TOP 10: Madinat Zayed Shopping Center

Note that there is an old Mall, the Madinat Zayed Shopping Center which houses a Gold Souk. It was twenty years ago a top tourist attraction in Abu Dhabi. Some travel guides written a long time ago still put refer to it. Today, it attracts only those who really want to buy gold, and the inhabitants of the neighborhood for their daily shopping. No luxury there, but a large range of small shops with all king of goods. If you are looking for an article very particular at low price this can be the place to go. The Odyfolio team successfully managed to buy electronics to repair the laptop!. Several supermarkets which a Lulu, and a food court on the last floor.

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