Dubai the inescapable

Choosing a good hotel in Dubai is the key to a successful stay, and it's not easy because the Dubai city is very large: the airport, #link Old Dubai|1492#, Downtown near Dubai Mall, Jumeirah. Whether you are on holiday or a business traveler, this article written by experts from the destination will help you find the hotel you need in your budget, thanks to our many opinions and advice. Exceptional hotel? Luxury hotel 5 stars? Good value for money? Hotel by dear Dubai? All information is here.

Overlooked by the Burj Khalifa, the tallest tower in the world, the district of Downtown Dubai represents all the modernity of Dubai - Tourists and locals consume in shops and restaurants of Dubai mall, Al Bahar souk and luxury hotels, close to the Dubai fountains show.

Whether you stay at Dubai a few days or weeks, depending on your tastes and desires, there are many possible combinations: alone, as couple, with friends or with children, here are several recommended and validated itineraries. This is the article you need to create your tour.

Jumeirah is the glamorous cross of Dubai, with its trendy beach clubs, trendy restaurants, luxury hotels: beaches, marinas , amusement parks and shopping malls follow one another and attract high-end tourism and upscale Dubai residents.

In contrast to an extravagant Dubai in perpetual quest of grandeur, the old Dubai and its creek plunge us into the Dubai of the early twentieth century, a hub of goods and men passing on the roads from India and the Persian Gulf.

Hatta is a territory administratively attached to the emirate of Dubai, and which could almost be an enclave in Oman. Few tourists go there for its mountain landscapes, its beautiful desert, its wadi Hatta Pools. Hatta is also a crossing point on Oman Road.

All you need to know about your stay in the city of Dubai with recommended itineraries and the best deals for hotels.

Dubai the must

Dubai, the evocation of this name, we think of the grandiose architectural achievements and bold projects which make dream the world. The largest city of the United Arab Emirates accumulates the records: the Burj Khalifa, the highest tower in the world, has become the emblem and the center of the city. At its feet, Dubai Mall, with fountains and souks, is the place of preferred promenade of its inhabitants. Resolutely turned toward tourism and business, Dubai knows how to prepare the after oil decade by converting its economy to business and tourism. Dubai attracts tourists with skyscrapers, traditional souks, giant malls, beaches and high class hotels. From Dubai it is also easy to explore the desert with the famous desert Safari. You may spend only one night in Dubai, or much more. Those who wish to escape the well oiled touristic machine will rent a car to visit Hatta and the neighborhood.

Visit the city

Main attractions extend along the main highway Sheikh Zayed. The international airport is located in the north, almost to the border with Sharjah. It is very closed to the old Dubai and to the creek where the traditional boats take visitors and inhabitants from one shore to the other. We are here in the heart of the souks district: spices, gold, fabrics are everywhere. Two historical sites of major importance are to visit: the fort the Dubai Museum and the Iranian district of Al Bastakiya. Down toward the South on road E11, impossible to miss the Burj Khalifa, the highest tower in the world, which quickly became the emblem and the center of the city. At its feet, Dubai Mall; its fountains and souk are very popular especially the weekend. More toward the south along the coast and the beaches of the Jumeirah, take a look to the Burj Al Arab, the 7 stars hotel in the shape of a veil and most famous building in Dubai. Even more to the south you can enter the artificial Palm Jumeirah, with other beaches and luxury hotels. Further South, Dubai Marina, and beyond, the beginning of the industrial zone Jebel Ali in full expansion. Theme parks for kids, and in 2020, the Universal Exhibition Dubai 2020.

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