Abu Dhabi Heritage Village

The heritage village could be the starting point of your stay in Abu Dhabi: it is one of the rare places reflecting a previous life before the era of oil, recalling that before to be a luxurious and modern town, Abu Dhabi was only a small village of fishermen where life was difficult. It is a simplified view of the past times: workshops of artisans reconstituted, some rooms-museum, shops of craft products and an old dromedary in a tray to sand. The beach offers a very beautiful point of view on the Corniche and the city.

Inner Courtyard of the Heritage Village of Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates ©Odyfolio

Visit guide

Entering the Heritage village, shops of handicraft products are aligned on your right up to a small mosque which cannot be visited and a tray of sand where it is possible for a few Dirhams to perform a tour of dromedary.

On your left after the entry, few steps lead you to the workshops reconstituted: pottery, weaving, etc. A little further, a false oasis presents a few animals and the irrigation system (falaj) which regulates the precious water and has allowed the development of agriculture in the region.

Beach Coast do not miss by the tower to wind (Barjeel). It is an essential component of the dwellings of the past: put you in below and feel the refreshing air even in the heat of the day, regardless of the direction of the wind. At the same location a few reconstructions of ancient dwellings and date palms.

After the hard buildings, a museum focuses on objects and models tracing the maritime past of Abu Dhabi including the harvest of pearls.

Heritage Village Fountain in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates ©Odyfolio

Heritage Village Beach

On the beach of the Heritage Village, nor allowed to come with your beach attire and swim. But it is a very beautiful point of view on the sea, the corniche of Abu Dhabi and its line of skyscrapers.

View of Abu Dhabi City from Heritage Village Beach ©Odyfolio

Closed by the Heritage Village

Walk along the beach to your left, get out of the Heritage Village, bypass the Circular Theater and the immense mat of the UAE flag and you will arrive to a small public beach where it is possible to bath. Just after, a jetty offers a panoramic view on the Corniche and Lulu Island.

If this is not already done, continue your tourist itinerary of Abu Dhabi by going to the Marina Mall, The corniche and The Emirates Palace. If the night falls and that you are looking for a friendly place for a drink and then dinner, grad a cab and go to the marina of the Hotel Intercontinental (7-10 minutes, ride should be 15EDA maximum).

Plan of access and practical information for the visit

The Heritage Village to visit freely all day from 9h to 17h, except on Friday it opens later: 15h30 to 21h. There is in general more attractions opened in the second part of the afternoon.

The site is located one kilometer from the Marina Mall at the end of a long pier, that he will be preferable to access by air-conditioned vehicle during the summer season (less than 10EDA in taxi, 10 to 15 minutes on foot). There are numerous car parks in the vicinity of the entrance.

You can eat or drink a glass in the dining room or on the terrace along the beach at the restaurant Al Asalah which serves local cuisine and simple Indian food. Expect between 25AED and 50AED for the main dish. More info on their Internet site.

Location of Abu Dhabi Heritage Village ©OpenStreetMap contributors

Access map to the Heritage Village of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates ©OpenStreetMap contributors