Al Ain Historic City

Updated on 05.06.2018

Al Ain on compte un nombre peu élevé d'hôtels en dépit de belles attractions touristiques : en fait, beaucoup de visiteurs y viennent pour la journée à partir d'Abu Dhabi ou de Dubaï.

Rich of history, Al Ain will be the historic getaway of your stay in the United Arab Emirates - here we offer several itineraries to discover the main attractions of the city - for a tour from the city in a matter of hours, a day, two days or more.

Al Jahili Fort is the city's most beautiful fort with its imposing round tower and majestic entrance - it's an important testament to regional military architecture, and if you only visit a fort in Al Ain, it should be this one.

The Sheikh Zayed palace also called Al Ain Palace Museum is one of the main attractions of Al Ain - in fact, it's not really a museum but a beautiful fortified building to visit.

Open to the public in 2015 after a long period of restoration, Fort Qasr Al Muwaiji is an important historical site at Al Ain since it is here that was born Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the current head of state of the United Arab Emirates.

The visit of the Oasis and the palm grove of Al Ain is a cool break with more than 100,000 date palms irrigated thanks to the falaj system.

The Al Ain Zoo is home to a wide variety of animals from the region as well as more exotic species such as a white tiger and giraffes.

Located in the arid zone at the gates of the city of Al Ain, the Wadi Adventure Park is dedicated to water sports and adventure - Kayaking, Rafting, Surfing, Wakeboarding , Climbing, Tree climbing: many activities for a very active day.

The Al Ain camel market is an attraction widely promoted by the local tourist office.

The Jebel Hafeet (which is sometimes written Jabel Hafit) is by far the most known and frequented site of Al Ain .

Located north of Al Ain, Hili Archaeological Park features remains from 2000 to 3000 BC.

The National Museum of Al Ain traces the history of Al Ain and the region, from archeological times to the oil age: it exposes number of objects uncovered during excavation campaigns on the archaeological sites of Hili, with an infographic presentation style from the 90s.

The Green Mubazzarah is an atypical place of relaxation, with its artificial green hills and small streams: here there are hot springs that supply spas and pools of hot water.

Al Ain is a city rich in history - located in a fertile oasis, it has been inhabited for millennia, and has aroused much covetousness - this is also where Sheikh Zayed, the founding father of United Arab Emirates, began his political career, when he ruled the emirate's eastern region of Abu Dhabi - visiting Al Ain is going through history and certainly the best place to try to understand what the country was before the discovery of oil.

In this city of history, follow our tour itinerary and discover the palaces and fortresses of the Al Ain Oasis. See also our hotel guide of the city of Al Ain.

Al Ain means The Source. This great oasis has always been prosperous, as evidenced by the richness of its historical heritage.

Some archaeological sites from the pre-Islamic period, museum forts and many watchtowers. Some amusement parks, the camel market, and the highest mountain in the United Arab Emirates, the Jebel Hafit, where crowds flock to admire the sunset.

Map of Al Ain (United Arab Emirates) with the location of the main tourist attractions of the city ©OpenStreetMap contributors

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