Visite de l'heritage & Diving village de Dubaï

Updated on 03.06.2018

UAE chatting around fire in Dubai Heritage Village ©Odyfolio

Dubai Heritage and Diving Village is located along Dubai Creek. It gives a glimpse of the way of life of the inhabitants of Dubai before the advent of the petroleum era. Very lively in the evening, it is a place of walk appreciated by Emirati families.

Visit Dubai Heritage Village

Almost all emirates have their heritage village, a tourist place usually created from scratch to provide an overview of the UAE culture to visitors passing through. It includes the unavoidable dromedary, workshops representing the trades of the past, traditional homes and shops selling local crafts.

In the evening, especially during national holidays, the village can become a very lively place where tourists and locals rub shoulders.

Schedules and practical information for the visit

The village is open daily from 8.30am to 10.30pm. Free admission.

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The historic village of Dubai is located on the west bank of Creek Dubai, walking along the banks, after the house of Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum, at a place called Al Shindagha, sometimes referred to plans as the Heritage and Diving Village of Dubai.

Map marking the location of Dubai Heritage Village ©OpenStreetMap contributors