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Updated on 03.06.2018

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Choosing a good hotel in Dubai is the key to a successful stay, and it's not easy because the Dubai city is very large: the airport, #link Old Dubai|1492#, Downtown near Dubai Mall, Jumeirah. Whether you are on holiday or a business traveler, this article written by experts from the destination will help you find the hotel you need in your budget, thanks to our many opinions and advice. Exceptional hotel? Luxury hotel 5 stars? Good value for money? Hotel by dear Dubai? All information is here.

Where to choose your hotel in Dubai?

The city of Dubai is spread along the main highway Cheikh Zayed Road, with several neighborhoods with distinct identities. In the South, it is the districts of Jumeïrah with beaches and the famous artificial palm. There are exceptional hotels, many with beach. These are great choices for a seaside holiday, with beach and pool, while being able to walk out of the hotel to eat, drink and shop. The atmosphere is very relaxed and light clothing is tolerated. In contrast, Jumeïrah is a bit far from the tourist attractions of the north of the city, including Old Dubai.

The Dubai Marina hotels do not have beach access but are of very good quality and charge lower prices. They are very suitable for business travelers and anyone who does not want to spend all their holidays on the beach (note that there are many free beaches in Jumeïrah). They are well served by public transport (tram and metro).

The further we go, the lower the price, and the tourist experience is diminished. Especially in the neighborhoods of Dubai Media, Internet City, Barsha.

Dubai Downtown

Being in Dubai downtown means being in the heart of the modern city. Perfect for shopping in Dubai mall, and less than 20 minutes drive from all tourist attractions, also accessible by the nearby metro.

Dubai Jumeirah Hotels

Dubai Jumeirah is a popular tourist destination, and one of the best choices as it provides access to beaches, tourist parks and lively places to go out. The hotels are in their majority of very good quality, mainly 5 stars but also some very good 4 stars.

Of course, there are some great #hotel hotels:Burj Al Arab|720# and Atlantis. For us, the best is the One & Only The Palm (located on the artificial palm of Dubai, so eccentric, to prefer if you do not want to go out a lot, or if you have a rental car), and the Jumeirah hotel chain hotels in Madinat souk: the Dar Al Masyaf, the Mina A Salam and the # hotel:Al Qasr|6225#.

Adjoining the beaches of Jumeïrah, the Dubai Marina enjoys the same dynamic, and offers a great offer of hotels, normally cheaper because they have no beach access. This is the perfect choice for those who plan to do a lot of activities (especially nautical) and do not want to pay for seaside services they will not use. Hotels like the Wyndham Dubai Marina offer good value for money.

Al Barsha: for small budgets

This district has a large offer, mostly 4-star hotels, and many apartments for rent. Generally the quality is in the low average of what you can find in Dubai, but the prices are much more affordable.

The two best hotels are the Kempinski Hotel Mall of the Emirates and the Sheraton Dubai Mall Of The Emirates Hotel. They both display 5 stars.

The 4 stars hotel Al Khoory Altrium is an excellent choice: cheap, modern decoration and services with good perceived quality.

Dubai Airport Hotels

At Dubai Airport there are two hotels created for travelers in transit: a 5-star establishment, the Dubai International Terminal Hotel, and a 3-star hotel, the Premier Inn .

A short taxi ride, and so perfect for late arrivals, we recommend the Dubai Creek City Center Pullman or the Somewhere Hotel Apartment. For more luxury, check out the Park Hyatt Dubai or the Palazzo Versace Dubai.

How to book hotel in Dubai: answer your questions

The easiest way is to bring your credit card and go through a recognized booking center like It is strongly advised to book in advance as prices rise rapidly in high tourist season. Unmarried (or unisex) couples can stay in hotels without having to justify themselves (no need for a marriage certificate). The hotel will simply make a copy of the ID and ask for a credit card for the deposit.

Dubai Hotel Taxes

Depending on your booking center, taxes may not be included in the price displayed. In Dubai there is a city tax of 10% of the amount of the reservation and a tourist tax of AED 10 per night per person. In general you must also add the 10% service charge of the establishment. So basically you have to calculate 20% more than the posted price.

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