The museum of Islamic civilization

The Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization is one of the most important and interesting museums in the city. Supported by a modern infographic, it traces more than 1000 years of Islamic civilization through science, arts and religion. This tourist and cultural attraction is sometimes called the Sharjah Islamic Art Museum. Find here information to prepare your visit: advice and reviews, schedules, prices, access map and location, detailed site map, hotels nearby.

Architecture and history of the museum

The museum building was built in 1987, drawing inspiration from the London Museum of Natural History, built a century earlier, and bringing architectural elements typical of Islamic art. The 200-meter long building, with its 90 arches and imposing dome, is worth the visit. Climb to the second floor cafe to admire the fresco painted on the inside of the dome and representing the signs of the zodiac.

Arcades of the Museum of Islamic Civilization in Sharjah ©Odyfolio

Guide for the visit

The ground floor (right wing on the way back) is devoted to Islamic culture throughout history and is particularly accessible to children as well as adults with many interactive models explaining the scientific and technical discoveries. It talks about astronomy, agricultural techniques, navigation or even medicine. The left wing houses a collection of old coins, a coffee shop and almost always a temporary exhibition.

The four rooms upstairs are dedicated to ornamental art, music or religion. Very interesting archaeological pieces are exhibited.

Ancient Musical Instruments of the Museum of Islamic Civilization Sharjah ©Odyfolio

Prayer rug exhibited at the Museum of Islamic Civilization Sharjah ©Odyfolio

Practical information for the visit

It takes between 60 to 90 minutes for a complete visit. Photos are allowed but not videos upstairs. The entrance fee is fixed at 10AED per person (5AED for children). The museum is open every day from 8am to 8pm, except Fridays (open from 4pm to 8pm).

Access map

The museum is located along the Sharjah Corniche, near the Radisson Blue Hotel. There are many car parks nearby (mostly for a fee).

Location of the Museum of Islamic Civilization Sharjah, United Arab Emirates ©OpenStreetMap contributors

Detailed access map to the Museum of Islamic Civilization of Sharjah, on the Corniche ©OpenStreetMap contributors

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