The Omani Musandam Peninsula

Khasab Dolphin Cruise is the first attraction in the Musandam Peninsula. Every morning hundreds of tourists from Dubai flock to the border post before boarding for the day on a dhow. Find in this article all the information to prepare your activity: how to book the cruise dolphins Khasab, reviews, tips, schedules, prices, access map and location of the boarding for the cruise, detailed map of the route, hotels nearby.

What to do in Musandam? the Cruise with the Dolphins undeniably. The Musandam Peninsula has also a very beautiful coast, forts and beautiful mountain roads.

The hotels of the Musandam Peninsula are in a limited number and are grouped in two distinct zones and absolutely not connected to each other by land: in the North in the locality of Khasab well known divers and in the South near Dibba. This top 5 hotels in Musandam in Oman presents the opinion of the editorial staff of OdyfolioEmirates and will be your guide to book a hotel in Musandam, thanks to our advice and recommendations.

In this article we will explain how to get to the Musandam Peninsula and give you tips for organizing your transport. Also we will clarify what happens when crossing the border (strongly recommended reading if you come by car).

Musandam, territory of the Sultanate of Oman, is due to its geographical location easily accessible from the North of the United Arab Emirates - this highly strategic peninsula is the key to the Strait of Hormuz, and is a short distance from the Iranian coast - tourism is active in the area, with visitors coming from Dubai for a day for the famous cruise in the fjords, with the dolphins which invite themselves to the party.

This part of the site aims to be your guide to Musandam and to show you its main tourist attractions.

Administrative boundaries of the Omani region of Mussandam ©OpenStreetMap contributors