Itinerary to visit Musandam

What to do in Musandam? the Cruise with the Dolphins undeniably. The Musandam Peninsula has also a very beautiful coast, forts and beautiful mountain roads.

Before coming to Musandam, read our article on transport and access to the territory of Oman. Once past the border crossing with the United Arab Emirates, walk along the coastal road and head towards the town of Khasab.

Khasab Fort

Erected by the Portuguese in the 17th century as they dreamed of dominating the Strait of Hormuz, Khasab Fort is an important landmark of the peninsula and the only true cultural attraction of the city. If you've ever visited a museum-fort in the United Arab Emirates, Khasab Fort will be a classic: perfect restoration, bare-walled rooms with everyday items and some traditional furniture and reconstructed dwellings. Do not miss the three traditional boats in the courtyard.

Fort Khasab can be visited every day from 9am to 4pm except Friday open from 8am to 11am. The entrance costs a small amount of 0.5OMR.

Entrance to Khasab Fort, Musandam Peninsula, Oman ©Odyfolio

Cruise with dolphins

Khasab is the starting point for the famous dolphin cruises, which can take you the whole day, or half a day if you opt for the short program.

Khor Najd

Khor Najd is a beautiful fjord accessible by road with a beach. To get there get a map and head south from Khasab (along the airport). There may be military check points. Stay on the main road and take the first important road on the left. Then turn off again on your left taking an unpaved track that climbs to the mountain. Even if the road can be borrowed with a normal car, it is better to have an all-terrain vehicle, or at least a car with good ground clearance. Not recommended after rains. The viewpoint at the top of the mountain is breathtaking. They you just have to continue the slope down to the beach.

Once the place was a haven of peace and we could surprise turtles on the beach. Unfortunately the frequentation of the place and the lack of ecological awareness of visitors are gradually altering the postcard image, like most of the beautiful natural sites of the region.

View of the road descending to Khor Njad, Omani Musandam Peninsula ©Odyfolio

The forts of Bukha

The locality of Bukha offers two forts to visit. The second smaller fort has not been restored which gives it an authentic character. It is located in height and is visible several kilometers around. You will easily find the paved road that leads to it. It is fort Al Qala's for which little documentation exists. It is a beautiful view of the bay.

Bukah Fort at the top of a hill in Musandam, Oman ©Odyfolio

The coastal road

The coastal road (Khasab Costal Road) connecting the border post with the Emirates in Khasab is beautiful. Built on the cliff side with a lot of dynamite, it offers breathtaking views of the turquoise waters and gives access to beautiful beaches and small fishing ports.

The fjord near the town of Qadah deserves a few moments.

Light boats moored on the coast of Mussandam in Oman ©Odyfolio

Hotels in Khasab

Map of Musandam

Map of Musandam with location of Khor Njad, indicated by a red dot ©OpenStreetMap contributors

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