The archaeological sites of Ras Al Khaimah

Updated on 09.06.2018

In the northeast of the city, two archeological sites of low importance: first of all the necropolis of Shimal, with many circular tombs typical of the region and finally the Sheeba Palace, which offers a nice point of view. There is also tell of Kush, which would be nearby, and that we will try to find during our next visit to the region. Find in this article all the information to prepare your visit: advice, tips, schedules, prices, access map and location, detailed map sites, hotels nearby.

Well on the site of Sheeba Palace, near Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates ©Odyfolio

In the North East of the city, three archaeological sites of small importance can interest you. They are all accessible by taking small roads on the right of the main road along the coast, respectively 10km, 12km and 14km from the city center.

The necropolis of Shimal

The Shimal necropolis has many circular tombs typical of the region and you may have seen in Al Ain at Hili Archeological Park. The graves are located on the road indicated on the map, before the village of Shimal, on the left. They are protected by fences.

Circular tomb of the necropolis of Shimal in the emirate of Ras Al Khaimah ©Odyfolio

The Sheeba Palace

Continuing further down the road, go further the village of Shimal, you will arrive at the foot of the hill where the Sheeba Palace was erected, of which there is practically nothing left. It will offer you a nice view after a short ascent on foot on large stone stairs. On this archaeological site there are some stone walls and wells.

Archaeological Site of Sheeba Palace near Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates ©Odyfolio

Access plans

Map of the emirate of Ras Al Khaimah with the location of the village of Shimal ©OpenStreetMap contributors

Location of Shimal village near the Shimal necropolis (prehistoric circular tombs) and ruins of Sheeba Palace (red mark on the map), near the city of Ras Al Khaimah in the United Arab Emirates ©OpenStreetMap contributors

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