The spice Souk of Old Dubai District

Updated on 03.06.2018

Display with bulk goods at the Dubai spice souk ©Odyfolio

At the spice souk of Old Dubai, all spices produced in Arabia, Iran, and the Indian subcontinent are sold by weight. The opportunity to get good deals, or simply watch, discover, smell and perhaps taste the spices that season the dishes of the region.

Practical information for the visit

There are a lot of souks selling spices in Dubai, and the one we are talking about is in the Old Dubai Historic District, located north of the creek, which is the most frequented by tourists. The souk is very easily accessible from the abras station.

The entrance is of course free, and it is in the evening that the area has the most shops open. On Fridays, most stalls open only after 4pm.

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Access map

Arriving by boat - abra more exactly - just cross the Baniyas road to enter the spice souk of Dubai which extends to your left under a covered artery.

Access map to the spice souk in Old Dubai ©OpenStreetMap contributors

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