Dubai Jumeirah

Jumeïrah is Dubai's flagship tourist destination, and the hotel offering is important, and generally of good quality. This article will give you valuable tips on choosing the hotel that suits your needs. Luxurious, with beach, close to shopping malls, well located or cheap, our experts will give you valuable advice to make your reservation.

Ski Dubai" target="_blank">Ski Dubai1486link:Mall of Emirates|1486#. Find in this article all useful information to prepare your visit (activity prices, pass rates and packages, opening hours, advice and reviews).

The self-proclaimed 7-star hotel Burj Al Arab Jumeirah will remain as the symbol of Dubai around the world. Built in the form of windsurfing on a small island just a stone's throw from the beaches of Jumeirah, it proudly sets its 321 meter mast on the Dubai coast. By booking one of its restaurants, it is possible to enter the building for a ride without having a hotel reservation.

Madinat Jumeirah is an architectural ensemble consisting of a luxury souk, bars and restaurants, a canal with boats, and luxury hotels. With its Moroccan-inspired architecture, link:Madinat Jumeirah-1488" target="_blank">Madinat Jumeirah-1488 is a very pleasant place to walk and eat.

The artificial island of Palm Jumeirah Dubai was admired by the world in the early 2000s, when millions of cubic meters of sand created new territories on the sea. Palm-shaped, Dubai Palm Jumeirah is visible from space. Hotels, luxury residences and theme parks have made their home on the artificial island. Find here all the information for the visit, hotels prices and things to see and do.

The public beaches of Jumeirah Beach are slowly nibbled by the appetite of property developers, but fortunately there are still large beaches with open and free access. Jumeïrah Beach is the modern face of the Emirates, very popular with Westerners, and you can easily comapare the location with Miami Beach or the French Riviera.

Dubai Marina is an artificial channel of seawater poking its way through a forest of skyscrapers, giving access to pleasure craft piers. On both sides of the canal, a walking path where joggers rub shoulders with tourists and residents who come out at night to dine at the restaurant. Not far away, a mall with modest dimensions for Dubai: Marina Mall.

Jumeirah is the glamorous cross of Dubai, with its trendy beach clubs, trendy restaurants, luxury hotels: beaches, marinas , amusement parks and shopping malls follow one another and attract high-end tourism and upscale Dubai residents.

Location of the main tourist attractions of Jumeirah Dubai, United Arab Emirates ©OpenStreetMap contributors