Hatta Rock Pools, the wadi prisoner of the rocks

Pool at Hatta Pools, United Arab Emirates ©Odyfolio

Hatta Rock Pools is Hatta's major site, with a beautiful wadi, which for thousands of years has dug its bed in the rocks of the mountain until it is trapped in an impressive narrow rocky gorge.

Swimming at Hatta Pools

It is quite possible to bathe at Hatta pools, and to go up a few hundred meters wadi passing from one basin to another. The swimming is not supervised and you will not have foot in many places, so you must be a confirmed swimmer. Since we are in a rural part of the Arabian Peninsula, we will recommend ladies to keep their sexiest bikini for the beaches of Dubai Jumeirah, and opt for a swim shorts with a tee. shirt, but nothing forbids you to take out the bikini.

As we recall in all articles on this site devoted to wadis, in case of rain even very light, the water level can rise several meters in just minutes, so in the event of the slightest drop of water, or threatening cloud, evacuate the site immediately.

Conservation of the site and picnic

The first time our team visited the site, the access road was not built, but already the traces of the passage of the man were obvious with waste, traces of barbecue, and even tags, denaturing the beauty of the site.

The site of Hatta Rock Pools is very beautiful and conducive to picnic stops. Take care to pick up all your garbage before you leave, and make sure nothing can fly away. Do not forget also that in arid zones the organic waste takes more time to be absorbed by the nature and can constitute an inconvenience for the next visitors. We recommend that you do not bring plastic bags to your picnic areas, and opt for reusable cutlery and containers.

At Hatta rock pools in Oman, the wadi traces its course in an arid rocky landscape ©Odyfolio

In Hatta, the wadi is encased in a deep and narrow parade dug by the waters over the millennia ©Odyfolio

Hotels near Hatta

The hotel JA Hatta Fort is the only one in Hatta. For a hotel located in the hinterland, its quality is rather good with a standard 4 stars. Located in lush greenery at the foot of the mountain range, this is the place to spend a comfortable night. It is popular with Dubaiotes on weekends, so for softer prices, avoid the nights of Thursday and Friday nights.

There is another cheaper hotel in the area, the Holiday Arabian Resort, but we do not prefer to put it forward because of its value for money is not interesting at all.

Access map and practical information

Administratively speaking, Hatta Pools is located in the Sultanate of Oman. This means it is imperative to carry passports, and the certificate of insurance of the vehicle attesting to coverage for Oman. The crossing of the border is done at a checkpoint of the Omani police. There is now a hard road to access the wadi, so it is not necessary to have an all-terrain vehicle to cover the track. Previously you had to walk 5 kilometers to access the site, but a new road now allows you to go almost all the way on the asphalt, and the all-terrain section is less than a kilometer, but a city car can borrow the track easily.

We recently learned that the site is no longer accessible from the United Arab Emirates following the closure of the border with Oman. The Odyfolio team has not planned to go there in the next few months, so if you have more information on the situation, thank you to send us an email so that we update the site (click on contact on the footer bar at the very end of this article). Thank you in advance.

Broad view of access road to Hatta pools, Oman ©OpenStreetMap contributors

Detailed access map to get to Hatta Rock Pools in Oman (access from United Arab Emirates) ©OpenStreetMap contributors