Hatta, the forgotten territory of the emirate of Dubai

Updated on 03.06.2018

Hatta Rock Pools is Hatta's major site, with a beautiful wadi, which for thousands of years has dug its bed in the rocks of the mountain until it is trapped in an impressive narrow rocky gorge.

The Hatta Reservoir is a very rare reserve of surface water in the United Arab Emirates.

Hatta is a territory administratively attached to the emirate of Dubai, and which could almost be an enclave in Oman. Few tourists go there for its mountain landscapes, its beautiful desert, its wadi Hatta Pools. Hatta is also a crossing point on Oman Road.

There are few attractions but we can note, besides Hatta pools, a heritage village overhung by a watchtower. To get there several routes, but if you opt for the most direct route from the city of Dubai, you will have to return and then come out of Oman. You do not need a visa because it is a buffer zone, but you must be in possession of your passport, vehicle documents and a certificate of insurance mentioning a cover for Oman.