Crossing Dubai Creek in Abra

Updated on 03.06.2018

The abra crossing of Dubai Creek is a must-see for the visit of the Old Town, divided in two by an arm of the sea. This is the most convenient way to get from one bank to another, and so visit the sights of historical Dubai.

Abras, rudimentary and motorized wooden boats, carry passengers from one bank to the other of Dubai Creek ©Odyfolio

Useful information

As you can see on the map below, there are several utilities to go from one bank to the other. We will give you information on two of them. Route 1 is the shortest, most convenient and most used. In rush hour, there may be a long queue, hence the interest of knowing the route 2. If you take the route 2, it will be necessary to walk more on the North shore to reach the tourist sites, but you will then have the opportunity to walk on the quays where are docked the big dhows of transport of goods. See our article about them for more information on this alternative route.

Whether you choose to ride 1 or 2, it will cost 1AED one way, to be paid to the driver during the crossing, which lasts about 5 minutes. Prepare in advance coins of a dirham, because once on board, it's not the moment to take out your wallet or try to settle the race with banknotes! For information, the service is governed by RTA, the public transport authority of the Municipality of Dubai.

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Access map

Map with the location of the boat service docks connecting the two banks of Dubai Creek ©OpenStreetMap contributors