Burj Al Arab, Dubai's iconic 7-star hotel

View of Dubai Burj Al Arab Hotel from Jumeirah Beach (United Arab Emirates) ©Odyfolio

The self-proclaimed 7-star hotel Burj Al Arab Jumeirah will remain as the symbol of Dubai around the world. Built in the form of windsurfing on a small island just a stone's throw from the beaches of Jumeirah, it proudly sets its 321 meter mast on the Dubai coast. By booking one of its restaurants, it is possible to enter the building for a ride without having a hotel reservation.

History of Burj Al Arab

At the beginning of the 90s, Dubai overflowed with ambition and capital to realize its dreams of glory. The city needed an iconic monument to export its name from around the world, and attract tourists.

Several architectural firms hovered over the project, with as specifications the realization of a luxury hotel with a remarkable architecture, to place Dubai at the same level as the major cities of the world.

This is the project of Tom Wright, from the firm WKK Architects, that was selected. Its elegant and resolutely high-tech architecture creates a link between the maritime origins of the city (symbolized by a sail-like building reminiscent of traditional Arab dhows), and the country's entry into the future.

Once the form was decided, several consortia of entrepreneurs set to work to achieve the set. The result has clearly achieved its goal, since the Burj Al Arab is anchored in the collective memory as the monument representing Dubai, even if the Burj Khalifa, one of the tallest skyscrapers in the world, tries to takes the first place.

Burj Al Arab in numbers

Initiated in 1994, the construction lasted five years, and the Burj Al Arab was issued in December 1999, just in time for the festivities of the year 2000. It took two years to build an artificial island 280 meters from the shore. able to withstand the onslaught of the sea, and three years to build the building.

The construction will have required 70,000 cubic meters of concrete and 9,000 tons of steel. Its cost is estimated at $7.8 billion.

Its mat is 321 meters high and the highest point is 197 meters high. The 53 floors and 3 basements are served by 18 elevators and hoists, giving access to 202 rooms and suites, and common areas. Much of the interior volume is made up of empty space: it is the Atrium, which hosts among other things the reception of the hotel, with a ceiling height of 180 meters. The Burj Al Arab boasts the third highest hotel in the world (ranking not considering hotels included in mixed-use buildings, such as the Armani Burj Khalifa Hotel).

Burj Al Arab Hotel

If the exterior architecture is decidedly futuristic, the interior of the suites and common areas are more classic, with a baroque style sometimes struggling to furnish large areas of rooms. An interior decoration more adapted to the taste of the customers of the Gulf than to an international clientele, giving the accent on the splendor.

The room rates start at 1000EUR at night in the low season, but the average price is rather at 1300EUR. At this price it is possible to have a deluxe duplex suite with a large double bed. For a little more, we recommend the panoramic suite which offers a breathtaking view of the city of Dubai. The hotel Burj Al Arab offers larger suites, with up to 3 rooms, named Diplomatic, Presidential and Royal.

Hotel facilities of Burj Al Arab

The hotel Burj Al Arab offers 9 restaurants and bars of very high standard, with a map clearly above the other establishments of the city in terms of budget.

At the foot of the building, an artificial private beach for the exclusive use of hotel guests. There are 4 swimming pools, 2 of which are indoor. Note that guests of the Burj Al Arab have free access to the Wild Wadi theme park which is located right at the entrance to the hotel on the coast.

and of course in this luxury hotel you can enjoy the unavoidable spa, high tech sports halls, as well as a nursery for children.

The hotel, run by the Jumeirah chain, which has many hotels in Dubai, offers a large catalog of activities and can organize city tours, desert tours, sea cruises and golf parties.

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How to pay less at Burj Al Arab

Rates for Burj Al Arab Dubai are high, but in low season they can be very low. The competition of high-end hotels is tough in Jumeirah, and even the most prestigious hotel must launch promotions and last-minute destocking. This is done discreetly on internet booking centers, like our affiliation partner

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Access map

Access to the Burj Al Arab is from Jumeirah 3, and the entrance is next to Wild Wadi Amusement Park. The property offers valet parking.

Access to the site is only available to hotel guests. The trick to get there is to make a reservation at a restaurant.

To view its architecture from the coast, visit the public beach at Jumeirah which offers a beautiful view, or at the top of the Wild Wadi Park attractions, or in the complex of Madinat Jumeirah.

Map of Burj Al Arab and its surroundings ©OpenStreetMap contributors