Fort Al Jabannah (Liwa Oasis Forts Road)

Fort Jabannah, on the road of the forts of the oasis of Liwa, United Arab Emirates ©Odyfolio

Fort Jabannah is the first fort of our Liwa Oasis Forts Route. It has three towers and a rectangular fortified enclosure with a well in the middle. Note the beautiful wooden door, unique entrance to the fort.

History of Fort Al Jabannah

Throughout our journey in the oasis of Liwa, it was difficult for us to trace the history of the forts. In order not to give erroneous information, we will use the conditional. Fort Al Jabannah was built in the nineteenth or early twentieth century, with a defensive mission in this lush oasis coveted by many nomadic tribes of the Arabian Peninsula. Recently, the Ministry of Antiquities and Tourism of Abu Dhabi undertook the restoration of the Liwa forts, with teams of international experts. However, the information on the original plans is rather vague and it is difficult to understand the degree of extrapolation of the restoration. Although restored, the tourist authorities mention only very little Fort Al Jabannah on the brochures and on their websites.

Visit of Al Jabannah Fort

15 minutes will be enough for the visit. Close the doors that you opened when you leave.

It is a medium-sized fortress with three guard towers. In the middle of the central courtyard, a well, which perhaps defended the fortress. Around the central courtyard, currently empty living quarters. The path guard on the floor offers a beautiful view of the desert and the palm grove. The three towers are accessible from the first floor, and traditional ladders make it possible to reach the summit.

On your way back, stop for a moment to admire the delicately carved wooden entrance door.

Inner courtyard of Fort Janabbah, in the Liwa Oasis, Al Gharbia area, United Arab Emirates. ©Odyfolio

Main wooden door of Fort Jabannah, in the oasis of Liwa, Emirate of Abu Dhabi ©Odyfolio

Access map and practical information

The visit of Fort Al Jabannah is usually part of a tour to visit the fortresses of the oasis of Liwa. Our article entitled The forts of the Liwa Oasis explains the route in detail.

From the main road, towards Liwa, and 26 kilometers from the Hameem gas station, you will see on your right a row of small stalls with usually many trucks stopped. Turn right, then right again and get on the track (compared to the main road this maneuver is a U turn, ie a complete half-turn). From this dusty parking area, it is not easy to understand that there is a track. It turns quickly to the left. The road is not paved but it is passable with a city car. After a few hundred meters you will see Fort Jabbanah.

Admission is free and there is no guide. Sometimes it's the guardian who will get you back; in this case, thank him with a few banknotes when leaving.

Plan of access to Fort Jabbanah, on the road of the forts of the oasis of Liwa, in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi ©OpenStreetMap contributors

Detailed map to get to Fort Jabbanah, on the road to the forts of the Liwa Oasis, United Arab Emirates ©OpenStreetMap contributors