Green Mubazzarah

The Green Mubazzarah is an atypical place of relaxation, with its artificial green hills and small streams: here there are hot springs that supply spas and pools of hot water. Find in this article all the information to prepare your visit: reviews, tips, schedules, prices, map and location, detailed site map, hotels nearby.


Opened to the public in 2004, the site was built under the supervision of Sheikh Zayed in person, who dreamed of turning a desert corner into green meadows, like the mountain landscapes of the Geneva region where he spent his summer vacations.

The thermal spring would take its source two kilometers underground. It comes to the surface with a constant temperature between 40 and 45 degrees Celsius.

To see and do

Most visitors come for a picnic and spend part of the day with the family on the green expanses. Others pay a modest contribution to access the thermal water pools. The most fortunate rent a cottage for the night and will relax in the spa.

Useful information

Many families come to picnic especially on weekends (Friday and Saturday). The site and its parking are saturated with visitors coming for a bit of cool, sometimes from Abu Dhabi and Dubai. At the end of the day, the hills are covered with rubbish, because unfortunately some families consider that there are workers to clean, and leave their location very dirty. The municipality of Al Ain has introduced heavy fines for such behavior, with no significant effect at the moment. On weekdays, the place is quieter. If you have time in front of you before sunset (which you will have to admire from the top of Jebel Hafit), enjoy a few moments of this magical place.

Location and access map

Map of the center of Al Ain with the most important tourist sites of the city ©OpenStreetMap contributors

Location of Green Mubazzarah in Al Ain, United Arab Emirates ©OpenStreetMap contributors

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