How to access the best beaches of Saadiyat Island

Park Hyatt Beach on Saadiyat Island, Abu Dhabi ©Odyfolio

Saadiyat Beach is the most beautiful beach in Abu Dhabi and the United Arab Emirates. This broad band of fine sand with crystal clear waters where turtles love to lay is an ideal bathing spot, on the public beach or from the luxurious hotels and beach clubs. Here are our tips and our best plans.

Good to know about Saadiyat island beaches

Saadiyat Beach is a wide stretch of white sand stretching nine kilometers. It contrasts with other beaches in the city that are more artificial, with imported sand, and without access to the open sea. The beach is not free access so do not plan to go there and simply put your towel.

Saadiyat Public Beach

The cheapest option is to go to the public beach. 400 meters long, it is divided into two parts: left unadorned beach (25AED for an adult, 15AED for children). On the right, deckchairs equipped with umbrellas (50AED weekdays, 75AED Friday and Saturday). Possibility to rent towels, to have a closed locker, to change and to shower. There is a stall selling drinks and food.

Saadiyat beach club

The Saadiyat Beach Club has a very nice beach and a very upscale pool (the club was originally built by the famous Monte Carlo Beach Club). The site has gourmet restaurants and an outdoor lounge to which you can access without paying for access to the beach. If you are on Saadiyat Island in the late afternoon, we recommend having a drink in the lounge while watching the sunset on the horizon.

Beaches of hotels

There are two five-star deluxe hotels on Saadiyat Island: The St. Regis and the Grand Hyatt, both of which have access to a private beach, and upscale facilities and restaurants.